Cancer Immunoprevention

Cancer Immunoprevention Photo

Cancer immune prevention is the prevention of cancer onset with immunological means such as vaccines, immuno-stimulators or antibodies. Most tumor-associated antigens (TAA) are self-molecules that are abnormally expressed in cancer cells and become targets of antitumor immune responses. Antibodies and T cells specific for some TAAs have been found in healthy individuals and are associated with lowered lifetime risk for developing cancer. Lower risk for cancer has also been associated with a history of febrile viral diseases. A CIP study identified new antibodies against tumor cell proteins that were elicited by influenza infection. Cancer vaccines based on human tumor-associated antigens (TAA) have been tested in patients with advanced or recurrent cancer, in combination with or following standard therapy.

  • Immuno prevention of tumors caused by viruses
  • Immuno prevention of non-infectious tumors
  • Cancer immune editing
  • Immune Response

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